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Every day, everywhere, thousands of mechanics open their tool chests and take out the tools needed to solve their customers' problems and earn their livelihoods. Whether in the role of the distributor, warehouse or marketer, K-Tool Corporation makes sure that those mechanics have the tools they need whenever there is service to be performed.

Whether measured by quality, popularity or service, our divisions, Preferred Tool & Equipment (PTE) and K-Tool International (KTI), are leaders in their categories. PTE and KTI maintain excellent reputations for innovation, value and high quality, because they provide customers will the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right.

K-Tool Corporation continues to follow the philosophy first implemented by founder Ed Kay in 1981: provide unparalleled customer service; offer unmatched sales and marketing programs; offer the best value possible to customers; and maintain the most knowledgeable sales staff, outside and inside, in the industry.




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By bringing together a dedicated and winning combination of product, experience and processes, Preferred Tool & Equipment (PTE) is among the leaders of wholesale tool and equipment distributors. PTE realizes that customers are dependent upon our tools for their livelihoods. Therefore, PTE leads the market by ensuring that customer orders are processed quickly, correctly and efficiently.

Have questions? Need assistance with a product? The PTE staff is carefully selected and fully trained to answer all your questions and provide you with customer service second to none. We do whatever it takes to ensure an experience with PTE that always exceeds expectations.

PTE sells exclusively to jobbers, warehouses and tool distributors, and operates warehouse facilities in: Wixom, MI; Rochester, NY; and
Des Moines, IA.




K-Tool International (KTI) designs, develops and manufactures over 3,000 hand tools, specialty tools and accessory items, as well as related specialty equipment. KTI interacts closely with its customers and continuously expands its offerings to meet the changes of a dynamic marketplace.

KTI follows a business model that combines marketing and distribution of innovative, value-priced, high quality tools with industry-leading customer service and support. Serving the aftermarket and professional mechanic through distribution since 1984, KTI leads the market by ensuring that its products are rugged, reliable and reasonably priced.

KTI sells strictly through distributors located across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.



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